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Before branching out on our own, GEM spent several years as the marketing department for the UK’s leading retailer of commercial marquees and custom printed pop-up gazebos. We worked alongside some amazing names to bring their brands to life on their printed products. We also worked on harnessing the power of video content marketing, delivering creative short films to raise brand awareness. This section of our website is intended as a showcase of some of the best design and video production work we have undertaken so far.

Design Services

GEM helps businesses to build professional, eye-catching on-brand visuals for use in a variety of ways, including within digital marketing and for on-site promotional materials. This is some of our most recent great design work.

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Web Design
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Logo Design
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Content Marketing

Video Marketing Services

Our creative team are renowned for their wildly original and eye-catching video projects completed. Our video production showreels are below, and have been categorised to show the different skills and creative styles we are able to offer to any of our clients.

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Action | Visual Effects & Editing | Promotional Videos | Product Videos | Seasonal Videos | Music Videos

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