What can GEM do for you and your digital marketing?

GEM helps businesses to become self-suficient with their digital marketing through consultancy, professional working practices and education. Our business model is one built on trust and transparency at the forefront, and we will be 100% honest with any business we work for around the time required to make a difference as well as the costs involved in doing so. Because we work on a pay-as-you-go basis with no long-term commitments, this gives the client complete control over their finances and the ability to opt out of the agreement when it suits their budget.

Digital Strategy Services Through Consultancy

Through conducting a comprehensive Digital Presence audit on any business, GEM professionals will highlight key areas for improvement across websites, social media platforms and digital outreach. We can then provide various levels of assistance, including:

Providing tailor-made digital marketing strategies for your team to work to.

Working directly with your in-house team to build bespoke digital strategies.

Undertaking the digital marketing project work on a transparently costed pay-as-you-go basis with no long-term obligations

These services are available priced per hour or per project, and GEM will provide a realistic time-frame in which the work will be completed before any commitments are signed off, giving you total control over whether to invest in the professional service.

For more information on GEM’s digital marketing consultancy services, click here.

Digital Services For Business Start-Ups

GEM’s team of professionals have experience in launching new brands in different industries, and can help any business to hit the ground running, with various services available, including:

Business Planning

Market Strategy

Brand Guidelines

Content Asset Packs

Pitching to Investors

As a business start-up, we understand that you may need a greater level of attention to get your digital presence up to the standard you deserve and therefore a per-project billing rate will apply. We recommend signing up for the GEM learner portal where you will receive a high standard of education in all of the aspects required to launch a brand effectively and maintain your marketing efforts in the areas you wish to promote your business.

You can find further information on the digital marketing education platform here.

Digital Content Creation

For any business that operates in the online space, new and interesting content that adds value to any visitor’s experience is absolutely vital to maintaining a solid digital presence. The team at GEM has vast experience in creating digital content in several forms, and can help any business to build a solid library of content assets, including:

Researching and writing fresh SEO-driven content for blogs, landing pages and articles

Optimised imagery for use on any social media platform

Animated and Live Action video content strategy and delivery

Guest Blogs

Interactive downloadable brochures

For further information on the Content Services offered by GEM, click here.

Digital Marketing Education

Nobody understands your business and your industry better than you do. GEM’s exclusive self-paced learner portal gives businesses and individuals the freedom to pick and choose the aspects of entrepreneurship and digital marketing that are most important to them. Each tutorial is available in video, audio or text, so that each learner type is catered for

Choose one, some or all of:

Marketing Theory and Digital Marketing (Free Module)

Building a Brand

Business and Brand Planning

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Search and Social Pay per Click Advertising

Email Marketing

Content Creation

Content Marketing

Pitching your Business to Investors

Through upskilling one or more of your existing team members to undertake the digital marketing work in-house, you effectively remove the need to outsource the work, and the cost that goes with it. This means that you can reinvest the newly available funds into finding new customers and growing your business. The content on the GEM Educational Platform is charged per module, with discounted rates if you choose to sign up for more than one, and discounted rates against any subsequent digital marketing services you might require upon completing the work.

To find out more about one or all of the available learner modules, click educational-services.

GEM Provides a Consistent Professional Image

Consistency is key to having a trusted digital presence, which in turn will help your customer base to grow. GEM works with businesses to ensure they have total consistency across all of their digital and traditional platforms, including:

Complete brand guidelines

Logo Design

Optimised Social Media assets, including profile pictures and timeline imagery for any platform

Email template design

Business cards

Letterheaded paper

Leaflet and Brochure design

GEM’s graphic design work is chargeable per hour or per project, and a transparent and realistic cost will be provided before any commitments are signed off, giving you total control over whether the work goes ahead. We offer unlimited amends to any work provided, will deliver the assets in any file format you require, and you will own the high-resolution artwork once it is delivered.

For further information on GEM’s graphic design services, click here.

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