Name: Ryan Bracha
Role: Managing Director

Interests outside of work: Live music, family stuff.

Interesting fact: Once won an episode of Fifteen to One

Creative Content:


Content Writing:


Content SEO:


Data Analysis:


Business Development:


Taste in Music:




" I started with the Gala Group of companies back in early 2016, having left a role in sales and customer service management. I quickly moved into the Business Development team and was tasked with building our Gala Performance motorsport brand, with rapid growth and success. In 2018, I took the Business Development Manager role for our group of companies, and after we stopped working with an agency because of the large cut of our revenue they were taking, with limited success, I stepped into my dream role of Marketing Manager and found that my passions for writing, creativity and data analysis were ideally matched. Alongside my friends and colleagues, we have created a super team of general and specialist skills and knowledge, and I can't think of a better group of people to launch GEM with. "

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